Friday, April 10, 2009

The Missing; Pt. 2

I had a wonderful dinner with Ms Angelica Boron, though I was quite late and I fear my hat might have been a bit ill behaved. She is extremely curious, as are most intellectuals, and I found myself having to dodge a few rather pointed questions that I did not feel the need to answer just yet, especially as to the nature of my phase-locked hat, which would be difficult to explain to even the most schooled proffessors of the physical sciences.

Overall, I found her to be an intruiging person, very knowledgeable in Alchemy, though I must admit, my own expertise lies in other fields and I am not as well versed in the field of alchemy as I would like, though I have dabbled in it occasionally- usually to the chagrin of my landlords who inevitably end up posting an eviction notice for excess damages.

I went to the storehouse from which my equipment had been stolen, and found little useful information. They took several sections of copper tubing, some vaccume tubes, several boxes of wires, coils, springs, gears, and a largish electrical circuit box. Looking around the dark musty storeroom, I managed to deduce the method of entry as being a small window nearly ten feet off the ground that had been forced open with a prybar. Outside, there were ladder imprints in the earth underneath the window, so my deduction was correct. Opening the door to remove the equipment from the inside would have been simple enough.

I pulled some crates over and stacked them so that I could climb up to get a better look at the window itself. Apparently one of the intruders had torn their sleeve on the window latch as they climbed in. I put the scrap of cloth in my pocket and climbed back down.

I visited several of the other storerooms that had been also been robbed, and found the entry method to be similar in each one, though except for a few barely visible shoe prints I could discern no other clues. By the size and shape of the print, I can guess that the robber was around 5'8" and male. Beyond that I appear to have hit a dead end.

I may have to write this up as a loss, not that the equipment was all that important to me, I had after all forgotten about it almost completely.

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