Monday, April 13, 2009

The missing; Pt. 4

I spent a long time downtown looking for any leads as to the location of Mr. Jones, but have so far had no luck. I also spent a long time explaining to the police the nature of the missing items from my storehouse. As a general rule, I do not usually involve them, as they tend to get in the way, being as technologically primitive as they are, they are terribly inneficient, but in this case, It might lead to some useful information, and with a theft of this nature, they will inevitably get themselves involved.

I told them about the scrap of cloth and the information I got from the proprieter of the upscale clothing store. For their general inneficiency, they do have manpower and can cover a lot more ground than I can by myself, though thanks to a job I did once for a high ranking investigator in New York who found himself in a situation beyond his capacity, I have been able to convince them that I have some authority, and they are being very cooperative.

So if they find Mr. Jones, I will be the first to know.

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