Friday, April 17, 2009

The Missing; Pt 6

I am beginning to believe with the death of Mr. Jones and all of the other occurrences within the past week, that all of this is somehow connected. I have few clues to go on, but the clues I have are disturbing.

One, the theft of mechanical equipment from around the city occuring at around the same time; Though I do not know what this equipment might be used to build, I am certain they are to be used as components for some singular purpose.

Two, the Aetheric energies at the home of one of the theives, Mr. Jones; Apart from the Aetheric energies surrounding his body, there should have been no significant energies present. The only conclusioon I can draw from their presence is some form of necromancy. I seriously doubt that the late Mr. Jones was even capable of understanding the delicate intriciacies of such an art, which leaves me the conclusion that whomever killed Mr. Jones took the time to conjure spirits afterwards, but for what purpose?

The body itself was too fresh to have allowed any time for that, as a proper summoning of that magnitude would take a skilled practicioner a long time to complete successfully.

Which leaves only one possibility. Whatever left the Aetheric residue must have also killed Mr. Jones. Perhapse someone summoned the spirits to assassinate him? Such an act would be almost too hideous and terrifying to be believed, but as I said, it is the only probable conclusion I can come up with.

Then there is the fact of Mr. Jones' death itself. I do not believe in coincidence. It would seem to connect logically that whoever paid Mr. Jones to steal the equipment from my storehouse is the same person who summoned the spirits that later killed him. Why? To silence him? To keep him from figuring out the plan? Most likely the former, as the latter would imply intelligence that I do not believe he would have possessed. If he was killed to keep him from divulging his employer's secrets, then that would imply a conspiracy.

I shall have to tread carefully, as I'm sure anyone investigating this will also become a target. I will have to be sure to wear some of my more potent protection charms just to be safe.
In the meantime, I am looking forward to the World's Faire. It will do me good to get out and see new technologies, and to speak with old friends.

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